What we do and how we work

At Sleep2perform we work with sports teams, individual athletes, business leaders and organizations to keep them on top of their game.  We help our clients gain insights into their sleep, circadian rhythm, stress levels, ability to recover and support them to unlock their peak performance potential. Our aim is to share knowledge and support our clients in prioritizing sleep and recovery as an ongoing part of their performance enhancement strategy. 

The Sleep2perform process fuses exclusive insights from more worlds, combines personal experience with the latest thinking from the fields of sleep, recovery and sport science to ensure that our approach is balanced, objective, valid and reliable.


Simply put a balanced sleep rhythm can mean the difference between winning and loosing in both professional sports and in businesses


Sleep2perform educates and supports our clients in prioritizing sleep and recovery as a repeated performance enhancer

Sleep is not a silo - it’s what happens to us as a result of everything else we do during the day. If you aim to create the best foundation and ensure your athlete´s performance readiness, you need to understand the 24-hour perspective of your athlete. He/she might be training well, but does his/her actions away from the training ground compromise or support recovery abilities
— Anna West, Founder of Sleep2perform

The Sleep2perform method 

Optimal sleep is essential for the human body to recover from the mental and physical demands of daily life and specifically in high-performance sport. Sleep and fatigue represent some of the most significant pieces of the human performance puzzle. Yet people and environments are different, face different challenges, have different demands and respond very different to supporting strategies. The mission and the aim of our consultancy is to unlock this challenge, increase sleep quality, help maximize recovery, boost daytime mental and emotional resilience and thereby peak performance among our clients. 

It is not enough to know “how much” or “how well” our clients sleep. The concept behind Sleep2perform is developed to determine and help clients understand the relationship between their actions, sleep, stress levels, performance and provide tailored support and useful strategies so they ultimately understand how to create the best base for a healthy balance and optimal performance.

An important part of our consultancy is an assessment of the client environment to ensure that all actions are tailored to habitual challenges - One size does not fit all!

We offer programs to both organizations, teams and individual clients. Contact us for more information

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