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Case Studies

Maximising Our Players’ Capabilities through Sleep and Recovery

Brentford Football Club began their project with Sleep2Perform in 2016. The club wanted to maximize the players’ performance on field by taking measures off field. Working together with Sleep2Perform on improving and getting insights into the players’ recovery and sleep, they have managed to do just that.

The results speak for themselves; since the project started numerous involved Brentford players have been sold. The heightened awareness and improved recovery and sleep have definitely been contributing factors, if you ask Chris Haslam, Head of Athletic Performance at Brentford Football Club:

“We are a smaller football club which does not have unlimited finances. Thus our philosophy at the club is to focus on doing the basics incredibly well, in order to achieve maximum results. I truly believe that quality sleep is the biggest fundamental tool a player can use, besides training, in order to reach their peak performance on a daily basis.

Working with Anna West from Sleep2Perform gives us the possibility of getting thorough insights on each individual player’s recovery. She has easily gotten their trust and made this rather scientific based project practical and understandable for them. Thanks to Anna, we have experienced a great shift in awareness! Today, sleep/recovery is incorporated in the whole organization, and everyone in the team, including administration, is on board and understands the importance of a good night’s sleep.

We have worked with another sleep and recovery specialist before, but it did not work out. It was way to scientific for our players and the specialist was too focused on selling his products. Therefore, many players were skeptical and had set up barriers when we introduced Anna and Sleep2Perform. But through the individual sessions with each player, she has managed to convince them and get them to understand their sleep cycle. Now, all are very open to the theme and know that monitoring their sleep is a way for us to make them better and to maximize their performance.

In future, we are really looking forward to continue the cooperation with Sleep2Perform. We have defined initiatives where we will be going into even more depth with recovery/sleep, and there was never any doubt that Sleep2Perform had to be part of the process. Simultaneously, we keep getting new players who will need to be examined on their sleep and recovery status and benefit from Sleep2perform’s support.

I highly recommend cooperating with Sleep2Perform if you want to achieve marginal gains and thorough insights in recovery. You get access to scientifically based data, presented in a practical and understandable way. At Brentford Football Club we now know exactly how important a good night’s sleep is and what tools to use to ensure a proper wind down.”

Chris Haslam, Head of Athletic Performance, Brentford Football Club (2018)