"Sleep to perform" is the mantra behind our high performance consultancy.

Scientifically-grounded we strive to create projects to positively change behavior and unlock peak performance among our clients. We work with leading sports teams and businesses across Europe helping individuals and groups to peak by understanding their sleep patterns, its correlation to circadian rhythm, stress levels, lifestyle choices and ultimately help them become better sleepers. Our learning framework move beyond a quick fix. We provide practical tools and strategies to create sustainable high performance in your team, your organization or for your.

At Sleep2perform we believe that you need an academic approach to measure, analyze and make healthy recommendations. But you need a pragmatic and innovative approach if you want to transform knowledge into habits that generate long lasting results!


Anna West

Founder of Sleep2perform

Over the last years I have worked in a cross field between research, elite sports, military and corporate performance with a specific mission: To ensure that knowledge about circadian rhythm, sleep, stress and performance does not strand in concluding academic papers, but are transformed into implementable strategies, that can help people change bad habits and ultimately make them understand how they can use sleep as a repeated performance enhancer”

Who we work with