Sleep and recovery is the foundation of optimal performance

At Sleep2perform we work with professional sports teams, business leaders and organizations to keep them on top of their game by making them undertand how they can use recovery and sleep as a repeated performance enhancer.

Sleep and fatique represent the most significant pieces of the human performance puzzle - yet it's that one area that is often compromised.

Do you, your athletes or people in your organization encounter situations that challenge circadian rhythm, sleep and recovery? If yes, do you have the right strategies to support them? Learn more about the concept behind Sleep2perform here

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50% of elite or highly-trained athletes are identified as poor sleepers.

28% with significant prevalence of daytime sleepiness

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59% of all athletes have no strategy to overcome or change bad sleep habits.

70% of all athletes report worse sleep than normal before and after competition

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Chronic lack of sleep is associated with increased risk of injuries among athletes.

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